To check the version # you are accessing - go to Informant settings and look at the top of that page for the version #. Informant 5 will show your version # as 5.xx (as of April 2021 we are on 5.68)

Once Informant 5 is installed on the same device as Informant 4.94 go to Settings > Accounts > Add Sync Service > Informant Sync > log in and tap the sync option to complete a sync. When this is done, you'll see your last sync date, current expiration date and the app will become unlocked. Because Informant 5 is being installed on the same device as 4.94 it will clone your database from the old version automatically*.

Update for iOS 14.5
If you have already installed iOS 14.5 and the above instructions do not work, you can manually restore an Informant backup from your iCloud account. See those instructions in the paragraph below. If your 4.94 data has not been backed up to any cloud service it is likely that the only option is to revert back to iOS 14.4.2. We do not recommend doing this, so this should only be done as a last resort. Once reverted, open Informant 4.94 and go to Settings > Backup/restore > Create a Backup Now, and choose to save this to iCloud.

Then in Informant 5 go to Settings > Backup/Restore > Import from iCloud and select the backup you just created to restore.

Once you are comfortable that all your data is in 5 as you expect, you can then delete 4.94. *If there is any data missing, don't delete 4.94 yet and let us know.

*Note - transitioning from the old app to the new one may cause duplicates. If this occurs, uninstall Informant 5 and then reinstall, but when prompted to clone the 4.94 data choose the decline option. If duplicates still appear then this means that a backup has happened since the duplicate data was brought in. See previous instructions regarding restoring a specific backup, there should be a recent backup that does not contain duplicates.