At present we do not provide user guides for Informant.  To create a user guide takes tremendous resources and it is a time consuming endeavor.  Once the document is written then it must be updated with the changes for each update again taking a lot of resources and time.  We didn't mind making this investment however the return on the investment could not justify its continuance.

This was determined by the fact that for a period of years we wrote the most detailed and clearly written user documents in the history of Informant.  However our support cases on "how to" etc.  continued to rise.  When looking at page views and downloads for the documents compared to the number of Informant customers and support cases it was disproportionate.

In place of the user docs we are constantly growing our FAQ's,  also our social media outlets Facebook and Twitter are good places to interact with the Informant community and to ask questions and discuss things with other users.

Always support is available to help you with your specific questions.