We believe that licensing should be fair, simple, and easy to understand. With that in mind we have designed a license system that gives you a choice in how you use our software. 

If you are using our software purchased from the Apple, Google, or Amazone App Stores, then we follow the licensing provided by those stores. For purchases from our own web store our products are licensed for a given number of computers or people, deciding in favor of the smaller of the two numbers if they aren’t the same. For instance, one person with both a laptop and a desktop computer (or, say, a home machine and an office machine) can legally install and use a single license on both computers. Similarly, one home computer shared by three family members needs only a single license of the software.

However, it’s important to understand that the licenses are not “floating” licenses. For instance, a business with twenty people needing to use the software across thirty computers needs to purchase twenty licenses, even if no more than ten people will ever use the software simultaneously. While the licensing software does not enforce this restriction, this is the intent of the license, and the understanding under which we sell licenses on our online store.

Our desire is to keep our licensing simple - please don't abuse it.